Dynasty's Roof Coating

Why Replace it? Restore It!

 Dynasty's Conklin Roof Coating System is a great solution for business owners who are in need of cost-efficient solutions to their roof without compromising on quality or integrity. Our roof coating systems are waterproof, 100% seamless, energy-efficient, and adds decades of life to your existing metal roof.  

Time is money and we know that a production shut down can cost thousands of dollars. With roof coating there is no down time to your business or labor like you would have during a complete roof replacement.

Our roof coating is a restoration roofing system that consists of primer, acrylic caulking compound, base coat, durable fabric, and acrylic top coat. .

We offer three roof coating options to meet the needs and budget for every client. Every Coating systems come with a non-prorated warranty that covers cost of Labor and material for the duration of the warranty.

  • Rapid Roof III-Proven protection since 1977 (10-year warranty)
  • Benchmark-Superior flexibility and strength (12-year warranty)
  • Puma XL-Outstanding strength and advance technology. (18-year warranty)


Restore It now

 Experience all the benefits with Energy-Star Rated Roof System.